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  1. Key Sticks in Ignition and Alarm Goes Off when Unlocking with Key

    Problems and Service
    Hello, I have a used 2005 Base model automatic 4 door Cobalt. We purchased it about 9 months ago - has only 30,000 miles. There are a couple of problems that seem to be related. 1. When we bought it - both key fobs worked. Since either the key fobs went bad. On one the metal piece that holds...
  2. Alarm Lights and Horn Not Working

    Problems and Service
    A few days ago I disconnected the negative terminal on my 2007 Cobalt SS/SC battery to do some work in the engine. It was off for about 2 hours. When I reconnected the battery my alarm lights no longer worked. I went into setting on the dash and made sure the horn and alarm lights were set to...
  3. Security Alarm Problem

    Problems and Service
    My wife has an 05 Cobalt LT. The horn does not work and I think it is related to the next problem. When you unlock the door or the truck (with the key, we have no remote) the 4 ways flash for about 15 seconds. I think the horn was disconnected because of this. I have no clue why they do...
  4. Random Alarm Upon Unlocking.

    Problems and Service
    So, I have the remote start/unlock/lock ect. on my 06 Cobalt LT. I've found during this winter that, on random occasions (So far, only under 0 degrees Celcius) hitting the unlock button on the remote will set off my car alarm. I can only turn the alarm off by turning the car on, and try as I...
  5. Viper Security System

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I'm lookin to buy a Viper Responder 350 2-Way Car Alarm (the new release), and i noticed on the remotes in addition to the arm the alarm button there is some for the door locks, (lock/unlock). The one im considering buying: Viper Responder 350 2-Way Car Alarm NEW RELEASE 2009 !! - eBay (item...