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  1. Audio/Video
    im installing aftermarket audio in my 05 cobalt LS 2.2 and having a very very hard time. speakers- Kenwoods 6.5s & 6X9s. sub- Fosgate 12'' 500w 2 ohm dvc. amp- Boss 4 chan 400w. first put in 6.5s... work great. added 6x9s using OEM wire and hardware, got constant static hiss in the musics...
  2. Audio/Video
    Hello, I have recently tried to upgrade my stereo system in my base model cobalt, which had no subs, or the factory amp. My friend's G5 recently got wrecked, and I took it in as a donor car for my car. Out of the many projects I will be doing to my cobalt, upgrading the stereo system is the...
  3. Audio/Video
    So I have been looking all over and cannot find the information I am looking for so I thought I would post a new thread. My cobalt is a 2005 base model 4 door. About a year and a half ago, I put in a new Pioneer head unit. I used the PAC interface to keep the retained accessory power (RAP) so...
  4. Audio/Video
    I am buying two 10 in subwoofers from polk and i wanted to know if there is an adapter i can buy to make it work with my factory radio or however i can get it to work with it. I dont know anything about amps wiring and stuff, a friend is going to install it for me. I have already had the 4...
  5. Wanted (Car Related Only)
    i'm looking to pick up a busted amplifier i need a functional MOSFET transistor for a project i'm working on let me know what you've got
  6. Audio/Video
    I am still debating as to what I will be doing, but am kind of curious what the folks here are running for speakers, amp and subs in their balts. If you could kindly list the following information, this could possibly turn into a nice sticky if succesfull enough. Speakers Front: (Name) (Model...
  7. Audio/Video
    ok so i am new to the whole system thing, and i just got a really cheap set of 10's of craigslist. work fine except that i believe my amp is draining my battery. only when my car sits for 8 hours or more ( basiclly overnight). i have drove before let it sit for like 4-6 hours and starts no...
  8. Audio/Video
    This question is short and sweet. Do I NEED to replace my head unit to wire up these subs and amp my buddy is selling? I'm not sure the brands (not that important, the whole set is 50$) but I was told I need to replace my head unit to wire it up. If you don't have to, how difficult will it be...
  9. Audio/Video
    I dug up some old speakers and an ancient amp. I hooked them up to my computer and they still sounded fantastic, the bass was particularly rich sounding. I had an idea and thought about sticking them in my car. I have a 2010 cobalt xfe and i was wondering if there was a way to hook up one or two...
  10. Audio/Video
    So I just purchased an amp and I looked all around the forums here but I could not answer this question. Where do i connent the rca cables for my amp on my stock head unit because it has no rca connectors in the back. any pictures of how someone did theirs would be great. thanks again.
  11. Audio/Video
    Are the trunks of the LS coupe and SS coupe the same size? Im getting a new ported box made for my subs and if I get it fitted for my LS, will I be able to put it in my future SS down the road?
  12. Audio/Video
    Im wanting to get the max amount of power from my Alpine head unit, pioneer amp, and dual MTX 10's. Im not the best with audio so if you could, recommend a good setting like mhz or whatever it is I should set my HU at, that would be awesome! Thanks guys
  13. Audio/Video
    Ok i just got into the car audio stuff last year. I currently have a system in my cobalt now. I'm looking to upgrade it really soon. But i see people have some nice stuff. My question is how many watts can the amp be to not be too much on the stock alternator and battery? The car is a 2008...
  14. Audio/Video
    okay i have maybe a silly question. i'm thinking about installing aftermarket speakers in my doors and rear deck. do i need to buy an amp to push these or can i just leave it? in case you don't know i have a 2007 sedan ls. any help would be great. thank you!
  15. Audio/Video
    ok people, i know you're tired of seeing me crawling all over the forums...but i have no life till college starts, sorry. but anyway, to the point. its insanely hot outside, 98 today with probably 60% humidity or higher. my amp gets so hot and it wont turn on of course, but i can't use it till...
1-15 of 15 Results