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  1. Factory Sub-woofer

    So I was looking to replace my 2006 cobalt ss factory radio with an aftermarket one, but whenever I select one on a website such as crutchfield it says it's not compatible with the factory subwoofer. Is that because you need to buy an amp for it to work? I really don't know much if anything...
  2. Stock Head Unit RMS Power Output?

    So im looking into upgrading my head unit and audio as a whole. After doing some research on how exactly to get the best sound possible, i came to the conclusion that the first thing i would have to do is get rid of my stock head unit, simply because i need pre-amp outputs. However i have a few...
  3. Custom Setup

    I have an 08 cobalt coupe with a dual xdma450 head unit and a jensen 720 amp that pushes 2 10" kicker subs. I want to build a box that will split my backseat in half and put an or 10" sub in there. To do so i would need to buy another amp and my head unit only has one output for subs. How would...
  4. Power Out Question

    Does anyone know how many watts are output to each speaker? I can't find it any where. BTW mine is '07
  5. Replacing Head Unit with One from Another Cobalt

    Hi There, I have some questions about replacing my head unit for another one, maybe from another cobalt. I currently have a 2006 Cobalt SS S/C with stereo controls on my steering wheel and the stock upgraded pioneer sound system. There is a CD stuck in the player and the radio keeps saying...
  6. Selling Alpine Audio System Ready for Cobalt

    For Sale (Car Related Only)
    I’ve recently bought a different car and won’t be able to use my Alpine system. Really, I just don’t want to go through the research, ordering parts, waiting, installing, etc… I put a lot of effort into my Alpine system which I am now selling to a decent offer. I’d rather sell the system to a...