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  1. Audio/Video
    The aux port is shit in these cars so I've been looking for a USB audio Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the 2007+ head units. I tried what ever deal AutoZone had for $13. Surprisingly it worked. But the audio quality was about as bad as the aux port, and it would skip, stutter and lag. Has...
  2. Problems and Service
    My wife bought an 07' LS when we first got together. It has always had little issues everywhere but I am getting it back together. all mechanical stuff is g2g now but this damn electrical. -------------------------- problems -------------------------- TPMS sensors on driver side blow/ don't...
  3. Audio/Video
    im installing aftermarket audio in my 05 cobalt LS 2.2 and having a very very hard time. speakers- Kenwoods 6.5s & 6X9s. sub- Fosgate 12'' 500w 2 ohm dvc. amp- Boss 4 chan 400w. first put in 6.5s... work great. added 6x9s using OEM wire and hardware, got constant static hiss in the musics...
  4. Audio/Video
    So I was looking to replace my 2006 cobalt ss factory radio with an aftermarket one, but whenever I select one on a website such as crutchfield it says it's not compatible with the factory subwoofer. Is that because you need to buy an amp for it to work? I really don't know much if anything...
  5. Audio/Video
    Hey fellows, im new here. But i just bought an 06 balt lt with the pioneer system. Anyway i was listening to music going down the road and realized the rear 6x9s and sub were not working. The tweeters and door speakers work just fine. So i tore into the unit. (it is a Kenwood DPX500BT) and it...
  6. Audio/Video
    I am looking for suggestions on what sounds best I am not looking to spend any more than 200$ after installation (I am probably just going to let Best Buy do it because I have no clue what I would be doing) I do not need a new head unit right now but may swap it out at a later date.
  7. Audio/Video
    I have an 08 cobalt with the pioneer system. but the front door speakers are about done. when hitting the lows and kicks, they just sound beat up. any good recommendation on what to replace them with?
  8. Audio/Video
    I was just on vacation for a week and once i got home i went to move my car out of my driveway so i could work in my driveway. My 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT turned on and everything worked EXCEPT my audio. I have the stock radio installed and all the wires are plugged in correctly. There is no static...
  9. Audio/Video
    Hi everybody, I am replacing the head unit of my 2005 chevy cobalt. would a factory 2007 pontiac g5 deck fit my needs? is the wires plug going to be same?
  10. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I want to put a shark antenna on my cobalt coupe and i already took my antanna off and theres just that rubber hole that i also need to patch. Any suggestion, or where to get one.
  11. Audio/Video
    I am still debating as to what I will be doing, but am kind of curious what the folks here are running for speakers, amp and subs in their balts. If you could kindly list the following information, this could possibly turn into a nice sticky if succesfull enough. Speakers Front: (Name) (Model...
  12. Audio/Video
    i have everything you need to instal an after market cd player in your cobalt ss the face plate, antena adapter, the right wiring harness that has the built in onstar delete in it, took me buying 2 other before the got the right one and a steering wheel audio control interface module to let you...
  13. Audio/Video
    Ok, so there have been a ton of threads recently about car audio, so I figured I'd throw out some basic info all in one thread for people to refer to to consolidate and make life easy... Our cars are double din, means we can take the big touch screen head units or the smaller, more classic...
  14. Problems and Service
    I recently took my 2007 ls in for a fuel pump recall. It got to the point where it would hardly start and I could smell gas bad. I got it fixed and it has been starting fine. Well now, my engine light is on. I took it to get diagnostics ran on it and they said it was the emission control system...
  15. Audio/Video
    Looking to get a head unit to replace the stock one in my ls. Any good suggestions on a GPS/DVD/CD/MP3 touch screen double din head unit with iphone/ipod integration?
  16. Audio/Video
    Hi There, I have some questions about replacing my head unit for another one, maybe from another cobalt. I currently have a 2006 Cobalt SS S/C with stereo controls on my steering wheel and the stock upgraded pioneer sound system. There is a CD stuck in the player and the radio keeps saying...
  17. Audio/Video
    I'm getting a new amp because the one I've got in my car now BLEW! [New amp comes next week] I didnt install any of my current system [head unit, amp, subs, nothing!] So how can I replace this amp? And should I mount it [if I am able to] somewhere different than on the back of the box? And...
  18. Audio/Video
    Im wanting to get the max amount of power from my Alpine head unit, pioneer amp, and dual MTX 10's. Im not the best with audio so if you could, recommend a good setting like mhz or whatever it is I should set my HU at, that would be awesome! Thanks guys
  19. Audio/Video
    I just installed a Pioneer Avh-P4100Dvd in dash head unit and i was wondering what the stock door speakers peek power is. They sound pretty good at a resonable volume but once i turn them up they start to loose it. Also any reconmendations for new door speakers? Thanks Guys:bigsmile:
  20. Audio/Video
    ok people, i know you're tired of seeing me crawling all over the forums...but i have no life till college starts, sorry. but anyway, to the point. its insanely hot outside, 98 today with probably 60% humidity or higher. my amp gets so hot and it wont turn on of course, but i can't use it till...
1-20 of 20 Results