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  1. Engine Mods
    I'm seriously thinking about putting a turbo on my 08 cobalt. What size can I put on it to get a little more power without having to upgrade everything else? I also have an automatic transmission.
  2. Engine Mods
    I have a 2009 2.2 LAP auto trans cobalt. I ordered a tsudo catback Exhaust and an Injen CAI. Intake is in but still waiting on the the exhaust. I was unsure about what to buy initially but some digging and research and I eventually found that ordering cheap parts off of amazon wasn’t the best...
  3. Transmission
    I just recently purchased a 2008 Chevy Cobalt LT with the 2.2 liter engine. I've noticed when I'm around 40-50 mph just hardly pressing the gas pedal the RPM's like to jump up and down and jerk the car a tad bit. The tranny seems to shift fine when you accelerate hard. I hope someone knows...
  4. Maintenance
    every thread i have looked at it either closed or doesnt have the info i need for removal. Ive taken the bolts out that are holding the gearshifter down. But when i pick it up theres wires and its connected and im not sure on how to unhook everything to replace it with the new one that i bought
  5. Transmission
    Hey, 2008 2.2 Ls here with about 65k. So for the last several months or so, it's felt like I've had to step on the gas more to get the car to shift down in several instances. For example, on the highway when cruising and I want to pass, I have to really stomp on it to get it to shift down...
  6. Problems and Service
    Hey, My interior dome light won't go on when i open the doors, but goes on no problem when i switch it manually. I never move the switch, and always had it in the 'auto' position. It can't be the door switch because it stays off when the other doors open (or is the driver door the only one...
  7. Performance
    The B&M shift+ work on all 2.2/2.4 auto cobalt from 05-08, not tested on 09 yet. The shift+ has 2 stages. There is neutral, stage 1 and stage 2. What this does if you have it on stage 1 is that it makes the transmission use more pressure to shift quicker. Your car will throw you back a lil when...
1-7 of 7 Results