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  1. Spline Shaft Rattles In/out of Transmission; is It a Problem?

    Problems and Service
    while driving with the steering wheel at top dead center, there is a rattling coming from the driver side wheel. I’ve tried to narrow down the problem and noticed the axle spline shaft is rattling in the transmission. With my hands I’m able to push and pull it in/out of the transmission on the...
  2. Front End Noise and Rear End Noise Sounds Like a Truck on Boggers Driving. Down the R

    Problems and Service
    My 05 ls couple manual has a bad rear end and front end noise starts at 50kph (30mph) at 110kph it gets really bad almost sounds like. The CV axle shaft is vibrating in the transaxle, it doesn't change from doing ANYTHING only way to stop noise is go 120 and it fades a bit or below 50kph is...