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  1. Suspected Main Computer Failure (Chevy Cobalt 2005)

    Problems and Service
    So, I'll give the full situation as it unfurled in hopes even minute details help. I drove to work this morning, and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Car worked as expected. Once I left work, I was greeted after about two minutes of operation with a red battery symbol on my dash, which...
  2. Chevy Cobalt Charging Issue

    Problems and Service
    Hello everyone not too long ago I purchased a 2010 Chevy cobalt LT. I noticed the voltage while driving drops to 12.5v. When the car is started it has 14.2 but once it gets above 80* outside temp or when the engine reaches operating temp it rapidly falls to ~12.5. Last month it refused to start...
  3. Has Anyone Installed a Larger Battery in a 2010 Cobalt

    Just curious , I wanted to install a 24ms size battery, good deep cycle rating and more cranking amps. But it looks like I need to cut off the holddown , Has anyone creative come up with a better solution to get an extra inch of width so a better battery can be mounted up in the stock location?
  4. What is This Cable? Corroded Power Cable.

    Problems and Service
    I jumped in my 09 Cobalt the other day and went to crank it but it didn't start up so I grabbed the wife's car and headed to work. When I got back I couldn't use the key fob to open the doors. Stuck the key in and open the doors and received lots of fun honking from the anti-theft system. The...
  5. Parasitic Drain, Suspected BCM Issue.

    Pontiac G5 Owners Lounge
    Hey guys, I have a 2009 Pontiac g5, 2.2 ecotec, 5 speed, 2 door, all stock. I've been racking my brain trying to figure this out and my research hasn't really led me anywhere useful. From what I've been able to figure out there is a parasitic drain coming from my BCM, but it's erratic. Here's...
  6. Open Trunk Without Battery and Faulty Lock

    Problems and Service
    I have a Chevy cobalt which I removed the battery to replace. When going to replace the battery I soon found out that I cannot open the trunk with the key because the lock is seized up and I cannot use jumper cables because there is not a battery connected in the trunk. How else am I able to...
  7. Battey Saver Mode - Due to Weather?

    Problems and Service
    I drive a 2005 Chevy Cobalt. I just had the alternator replaced about a month ago. I just replaced my battery about 5 days ago. This morning it is about -7 degrees outside. I went out and started my car to warm it up before leaving for work. It started fine considering sitting outside all night...
  8. 2010 Chevy Cobalt LT Battery

    Problems and Service
    I bought a used 2010 Chevy Cobalt LT (20, 500 miles) last year and have been experiencing problems with the battery intermittently dying. I have tried replacing the battery. A voltmeter revealed that there is a current draw on the battery even when the car and all accessories are completely...
  9. Engine Starting Itself Without Keys, Now Doors Unlock on Own

    Problems and Service
    Hi all, My girlfriend drives an '05 Chevy Cobalt, and had an issue today where the engine would start itself as soon as the keys were pulled OUT of the ignition. Yes, you are reading that correctly. With the car running like normal, turning the key to the off position would shut the engine...
  10. Fuel Pump??? Electrical Issue??

    Problems and Service
    I have a 07 Chevy Cobat Lt coupe. 108k. Drove The car saturday night with no issues, let it sit all day sunday, went to start it up monday evening and it wouldnt start. It seemed as if the battery was dead so i had it jumped it started up fine, we also checked all the fuse's to make sure nothing...
  11. Computer Relearn After Battery Unhook

    Problems and Service
    So a few weeks ago, I swapped out my steering wheel, and had to unhook the battery. I knew the computer was going to reset and read the relearn process somewhere. I let it idle, and drove it hard on the road and highway for a while so it could relearn my driving style. But now on the highway...
  12. 08 Cobalt Key Fob/Tire Pressure Sensors

    Problems and Service
    My battery died awhile ago and with it went my key fobs sync to my car, and my TPMs. So today I decided since I have some free time i'll reset them, and from what I've read you need to key fob working to reset the TPMs. I followed the guide below but it doesn't seem to sync my key fob back...
  13. Can Amp Kill My Battery.

    ok so i am new to the whole system thing, and i just got a really cheap set of 10's of craigslist. work fine except that i believe my amp is draining my battery. only when my car sits for 8 hours or more ( basiclly overnight). i have drove before let it sit for like 4-6 hours and starts no...
  14. A/C and stalling. Incredibly Frustrated.

    Problems and Service
    Seeking (non)professional opinions. Of any color. Brief background: 08 Balt. 44k miles. The car battery was COMPLETELY drained (by a left-on accessory) for three days about a month ago. I jumped it and ran it for an hour. The next week it was dead again (intermittent driving; was out of state)...
  15. How To: Change The Battery In Your Cobalt

    So, as we all know the battery for the Cobalt is located in the truck of the car. Its about a 20 minute deal to replace the battery. Not too many people make a battery for the Cobalt. here are the specs: Battery BCI # : 90 Series Battery CA @ 32 Degrees F : 745 Battery CCA @ 0 Degrees F ...
  16. alternator and battery

    Ok i just got into the car audio stuff last year. I currently have a system in my cobalt now. I'm looking to upgrade it really soon. But i see people have some nice stuff. My question is how many watts can the amp be to not be too much on the stock alternator and battery? The car is a 2008...