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  1. Rear Axle Bushing Bracket Bolt Spinning

    I have a 06 Cobalt that I wanted to remove the rear axle bushings brackets on. The passengers side inner bracket to body bolt just spins around and there seems to be no access from under the car. Is this a caged nut? Also can I gain access to it by cutting a hole in the floor under the rear...
  2. Control Arm Bushing Change - Cut Bolt/sleeve?

    '07 Cobalt. Control arm rear bushing is shot. Bolt is not coming. I've tried my full quiver of tools - PB Blaster soak, impact wrench, long breaker bar. No joy. I can continue these for a while, but at some point, I'll have to go to plan B. Options would be (1) get an acetylene setup...
  3. Suspension and Timing. Anything else I Should Consider?

    Problems and Service
    I own a 2006 Cobalt LS with 70,000 miles of northern New York driving (Snow and salt). I have a front driver side wheel bearing going bad. My shocks are all in need of replacement too, and I though I might as well do the timing chain while the car is on jacks. The u joint on the intermediate...
  4. Install TWM Short Shifter W/ Stock Bushings?

    Hi all. I recently got the TWM short shifter, and it did not come with the metal bushings or washers. washers i have, so no prob there. however, i have the following questions about the bushings: 1) can i still install it using the already-existing stock rubber bushings? 2) if i do need the...