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  1. CAB Nut Spinning: Where to Drill Floor

    '07 Cobalt LS. I (finally) replaced the passenger-side CAB. On the driver's side, the 'nut' has broken free in the cage. I don't see any way to get at the nut/cage from below, and I can just sort of reach it through the wheel well. I think it would be much easier to get at it from above...
  2. CAB Replacement Nut

    '07 cobalt, bad control arm rear bushings. The bolt was badly stuck. After much struggle, I got it out. (Save time - be ruthless.) I can get a replacement bolt (11589009 M14X2X131, Class 10.9), from a dealer. But, the old nut is now useless, and there doesn't seem to be a dealer replacement...
  3. Access from Engine Compartment to Cab.

    Problems and Service
    Where is the hole from the engine compartment to cab. I need to run a wire from the inside to the fuse box under the hood. I can't seem to find a source to do this through. -Thanks :thanks