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  1. Megan Racing Lowering Springs

    Hey everyone. I just installed new lower control arms and decided to lower the car as well. I go the Megan Racing ones and when I installed them, I had some issues. First, the rear springs didn't make contact from top to bottom when car was lifted with jacks. They just sag there. I had to have...
  2. Camber Kit on Cobalt?

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    would a camber look stupid on a cobalt? or could a cobalt pull it off? just looking for some feedback and maybe thinking about dumping some money into it if it would look good. Thanks.
  3. Went Back to Stock Springs and Have a Question

    After taking off my lowering springs I got my car aligned at Firestone and even though they have done a great job in the past it seems to still pull a little to the right. Could this be because I left the camber kit on my car and I need to swap that out for the stock bolts? Or do you think...