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  1. ZZP/Megan Racing/Tsudo Differences?

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    Obviously everyone has their preferences on exhausts, and pricing and quality very quite a bit. I've seen plenty of "what exhaust do you PREFER threads" but what I am curious in is the objective differences between ZZP, Megan Racing, and Tsudo catbacks. I plan to put a new catback on my 2007...
  2. Wanted: ZZP Exhaust Parts

    Wanted (Car Related Only)
    Name: Patrick Location: Oklahoma, USA Contact Information: Private Message I'm looking for the following parts: ZZP Midlength Header & Downpipe - Auto transmission size; 1.5" primaries; Catted (200 or 400 Cell) ZZP Catback - 2.5" with resonator ZZP Throttlebody Wire Adapter - (6 pin to 8...
  3. Louder Stock Exhaust?

    Engine Mods
    ever since my srs catback rusted out and i had to send it back i have now just put a universal muffler on the stock exhaust pipping, But my question is if i cut out the resonator would it make it louder? or adding after market headers? Or what else? Thanks
  4. Exhaust Almost Complete, Come on UPS Guy..

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    So over the past couple weeks ive been spending some extra cash on my car, and so far my exhaust is comprised of: Badmab header ZZP 2.5" catted downpipe Magnaflow #11226 Universal Muffler (2.5" inlet/outlet) Magnaflow #18146 Glass Pack (in place of resonator)(2.5" inlet/outlet) Trubenz 2.5" 304...
  5. Will This FIT?!

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    Hello all, Just wondering if this ehaust will fit on my 2009 ls 2.2? (I KNOW!!!! its a crappy EBAY cat-back. i know, but i am just using it temporarily. [theres a whole in my ehaust and its getting repulsive]). I understand that it says 2005-2007, but after all the reseach ive done, i...
  6. Header with Stock Exhaust

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    I am trying to figure out exactly what exhaust setup i want and its pretty overwhelming. I have a 2008 2.2 automatic, and all i have done is an intake. i have been thinking about buying the bad mab header so i can just bolt it up to my stock exhaust, but as i keep reading alot of guys are saying...
  7. Add Ons?

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    I have a 2007 ls Cobalt and so far I have a nice sound system and a K&N cold air intake, 2 halo projector headlights and smoked led tail lights. I am now looking at more add ons for it? But mainly I want a new exhaust I want a catback but not sure about anything else?? I Don't want it to sound...
  8. Need Advise on Exhaust

    Engine Mods
    i have all stock exhaust besides a 4" megan racing muffler, i like the tone but not how quite it is. my friend said i should take out the stock resinator, if i do that how would i go about it?? would i just put a pipe right in its place or what. i also have been looking into getting a cat back...
  9. Brand-New Tsudo

    Engine Mods
    Hey guys, just ordered a brand new Tsudo N-1 catback exhaust today. Should be here some time next week n a buddy of mine is gunna help install it. Anyone have comments/concerns about this exhaust with the way it sounds, looks, runs? If so I would be interested to know what you guys think of it...
  10. Exhaust System Questions

    Engine Mods
    So first off, I know I'm a noob sorry :/ just getting into cars as this is my first one. I have a 2010 Chevy Cobalt coupe (not the ss) and I want to get a nice deep sound from my exhaust. After looking around on the internet I've found a few that I like such as the Flowmaster 40 series and just...
  11. Opinions Needed

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    Alright so ive been doing some research on my next exhaust and have been able to lower it down to 2 The DC Sports cat back DC Sports Exhaust - Chevrolet Cobalt Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust - DC Sports Exhaust VS The Tsudo n1 cat back Tsudo 2005-07 Chevrolet Cobalt LS/LT/LTZ N1 Performance...