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  1. Transmission
    It is on my 2007 chevy cobalt and I have absolutely no idea how take this part off? It is for switching gears or at least part of it?.
  2. Problems and Service
    I JUST BOUT THIS CAR LAST MONTH!!! Along with all of these problems I need a front end alignment, the bar to slide the seat back is missing to the passenger side, and the seats need to be cleaned..BAD. ALSO need a new paint job, radio, and speakers.. Wanna get power windows and automatic locks...
  3. Problems and Service
    I have a 07 Cobalt LT. Anyone have any idea how to remove the entire secondary air injection system? Any links or videos will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Problems and Service
    Hello, i have a 2007 Cobalt LT 2.2L. The P0411 ( incorrect air flow SAI) popped up and I was able to detect that my smog pump was not working. I really do not want to pay a mechanic to replace the part, due to the fact that i think it is simple, so if anyone has a link to a video or can explain...
  5. Interior & Exterior Styling
    hey guys, I got a 2007 Chevy cobalt Lt sedan and I would like to redo the interior. My first question is would a 2006 Chevy cobalt ss coupe dashboard fit in my car? The second question is would then rear seats in the coupe fit into my sedan because I am looking to replace the seats as well...
1-5 of 6 Results