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  1. Cobalt Serpentine Belt Replacement

    Problems and Service
    To remove the old belt, Use the j44811 tool to rotate the drive belt tensioner counter clockwise to release the belt tension. Remove the drive belt from around the tensioner. Remove the right front fender liner. Remove the engine splash shield. Remove the drive belt from around all the other...
  2. Altezza Tail Light Problem!!

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Hello, I have recently received my package from matrix containing a set of after market led tail lights for my 4 door 06 cobalt. The only problem I have encounter is that the left tail light will not function completely properly. The left tail light will only function when I apply my...
  3. The OFFICIAL YOURCOBALT.COM decal thread

    News and Announcements
    Post up where you put yours! For those who don't have them, Get some!
  4. GBALT05 / 2005 Red Chevy Cobalt LS 2.2 / Kennesaw, GA

    Vehicle Showoff
    GBALT05 2005 Chevy Cobalt LS Coupe Victory Red Performance/Suspension: -K&N Typhoon SRI -B&M Shift Plus -Eibach Sportlines -FE5 Struts and Shocks New! -Magnaflow muffler Appearance/Wheels/Tires: -18" ICW Racing Wheels. Model: 25 B Jet -225/40/18 Toyo Proxes FZ4 -32% Tint all around -Dual...