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  1. 2006 Cobalt No Spark

    Problems and Service
    I have a 2006 cobalt with the 2.2 in it. The engine locked up so we got the 2.2 out of a 2007 hhr. Everything hooks up 100% except the 2007 version has vvt plugs. I'm not getting any spark and the engine ran fine in the hhr (hhr was totaled due to rear end). We've checked all fuses and relays...
  2. Please Help ASAP! Cobalt Reduced Engine Power.

    Problems and Service
    help!!! 2008 Chevy Cobalt with pzev (California emissions ) has reduced engine power. Now before I cry out for help , I wanna inform you that I had dropped my fuel tank because I thought it was the pump. but I remember that my pump would turn on sometimes , and sometimes it wouldn't. I jumped...
  3. Stalled then Crank No Start

    Problems and Service
    I have a Cobalt LT 09 auto trans that had been stalling randomly and had a few misfires. I get it home to change the spark plugs and coils, the car stalls and then wont star back up again. When I ran the codes; intake cams, exhaust cam sensor, and a misfire. I have replaced the exhaust cam...
  4. Suspected Main Computer Failure (Chevy Cobalt 2005)

    Problems and Service
    So, I'll give the full situation as it unfurled in hopes even minute details help. I drove to work this morning, and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Car worked as expected. Once I left work, I was greeted after about two minutes of operation with a red battery symbol on my dash, which...
  5. Car Crash.. Home Repairable or No?

    Hey Everyone! I'm new to this forum but, I'm trying to reach out to people that might know more than me about Cobalts. I have a 2010 LT that still has about 89,000 miles and recently I got into an accident and messed up the entire front end of my car. The car still turns over and I can still...
  6. Shifts Hard from 35 to 45 Only

    My 07 cobalt shifts hard from 35 to 45 only. Any ideas? All connections have been cleaned, new maf sensor, no check engine lights.
  7. Replacing the Stock CD Player (same Model/unit) 2009 Chevy Cobalt.

    Hey everybody, The CD Player in my 2009 Chevy Cobalt stopped working. I see the same radio unit I have in my car available for purchase on eBay for relatively cheap ~$50. I want to replace my radio with another stock radio. I want to use another stock radio because I don't particularly want to...
  8. Another P0302: Misfire on Cylinder Issue

    Problems and Service
    Another P0302: Misfire on Cylinder 2 Issue Hello, everyone. I've extensively read through as many topics as I can find on this issue already and I'm hoping with fresh context, maybe a resolution can be found. My Cobalt runs beautifully under load. Smooth, powerful, even. At idle, though, it...
  9. Repair Guides Free All Models Years Ect

    Install Guides/DIY
    Let me start by saying that this guy i found has helped me more than hell ever probably realize. I dont have/make alot of money and thus cant afford to spend 30$ on a repair manual every time i need something done on my 2007 chevy cobalt ls (2.2L). The link i posted below should refer you to...
  10. Help, I'm in the Dark!! Literally

    Problems and Service
    Hello, I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt LS. I am having a problem where I have no dashboard lights, heater panel lights, tail lights, license plate light, and the rear defroster doesn't work. I have checked all the fuses and replaced them including the one for the rear defroster. I am at a loss as to...
  11. 2008 Chevy Cobalt Transmission Swap HELP!

    Hello I'm new to the forum and I am in need of help. My fiance and I recently bought a used 2008 Cobalt LS and I am having transmission problems. Long story but I'll try to summarize, I took it to a mechanic and said the tranny will have to be rebuilt or replaced, he said he would have to send...
  12. Cobalt Newb ?

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone , my name is Lorenzo. I found this site after purchasing an 07 cobalt lt coupe and was searching for information on converting it to manual. All I can say this wensite is pretty awesome so far. I've been browsing around reading the threads and you all at very informative. Hope I can...
  13. Watts for the Front Two Speakers?

    Hi, just bought new 2006 chevy cobalt coupe with no pioneer. The two front speakers don't work, however, when I went to my mechanic he tried to install others ones, which was like 150 watts or something and the sound was barely coming out of them. So he told me that I need less than 50 watts...
  14. Cobalt No Start/no Click

    Problems and Service
    Hey, this is my first post on this site and am hoping someone can help me before i invest more money that needs to be invested. last week i was heading home from work, when my valve gasket cover blew and started leaking. i pulled over, turned the car off and had the car towed home. ended up...
  15. Front End Noise and Rear End Noise Sounds Like a Truck on Boggers Driving. Down the R

    Problems and Service
    My 05 ls couple manual has a bad rear end and front end noise starts at 50kph (30mph) at 110kph it gets really bad almost sounds like. The CV axle shaft is vibrating in the transaxle, it doesn't change from doing ANYTHING only way to stop noise is go 120 and it fades a bit or below 50kph is...
  16. Any Tennessee Owners Out There!!!!!!!!

    I'm new here just really started getting into everythin. I have an 05 cobalt mods do far halo projector headlights AIT Zen style full body kit tinted tails SS rear wing ( yea i kno it's a sedan but who cares I like it an that's all that matters lol:nuts:) an 3 million color UFO style LED...
  17. Carbon Fiber Hood.

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Hey everyone, I've been online shopping for a nice carbon fiber hood for my 2007 cobalt ss. only problem is... im from canada, and there doesnt seem to be much in canada...that I can find that is. Im not wanting to pay 300+ for shipping from the states, and then get charged at the border out...
  18. Service Traction/Traction Off

    Problems and Service
    Hey everyone I have been having some extra problems with my 2007 Cobalt SS sedan lately, and I say extra because ive been having a CEL (over the past year) which ive had read before and it was a rich code, I dont remember the code but I believe it was bank 1 rich. Anyway, in the past 2 weeks I...
  19. Help please!!!!!

    Engine Mods
    I have an 05 cobalt and neither the front nor the rest signal lights work on the passenger side....I replace the bulbs.and the signal light in the dash is blinking at a normal rate!!......also there is no DRL on that side.what can cause this?
  20. Best Radio?

    I need help deciding which radio to install in my 2009 chevy cobalt lt coupe. All i know is that my current radio is the one with an aux port but no usb. If that helps at all. I guess what im asking is which one out of the three choices is the best for my vehicle and if its the same size because...