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  1. New to the Cobalt Scene!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, new guy here! First off, I joined a different Cobalt forum and they were incredibly inactive and I got no help for the question I was asking. Hopefully it's a bit better over here. Right now I'm trying to find reputable websites to purchase parts for my 2010 LT Sedan. Recently I've...
  2. Enabling Tap Shift

    The cobalt automatic transmission is a 4T45E and is also found in the Cheby Malibu, how hard should it be for a Cobalt? I know there are switches with their appropriate resistance (paddles), and another set of wires added to the clock spring. Would this be available in he Tech2 in the TCM...
  3. Testing Blend Door Actuators

    Problems and Service
    Can you access & exercise the blend door actuators with the Tech2? @Coby7
  4. Valve Cover 2008

    The thread has the instructions for the 2005 Cobalt. Other than individual coils is there any other major differences for the 07-10 cobalt eotech engines? And what is the best gasket for the valve cover/head interface?
  5. Ground Location Images

    Problems and Service
  6. TPMS Not Storing

    Problems and Service
    Silver 08 LT key fob reprogramed at local Cheby house gratis. Daughter came home so happy saying "Lookie daddy, remote door locks" and proceeds to set off the horn as she unlocks the car using the door key. After a short fumble with the fob, she unlocks the door with the key fob and smiles. So...
  7. 2008 LT Cigerette Lighter Fuse

    Problems and Service
    Daughter in transit from Charston to KC with her replacement for her dead 05LS. She is in an 08LT She's made it to Knoxville and has problem with Cigerette Lighter power. I have owners manuals for 06-09 cobalts. The question is ...Does the Aux Outlet use the sqme fuse as the Cigerette Lighter...
  8. Clunk-Clunk at Every Bump Juan Motime

    Ok the BC is doing well with but. ................................. I WTB a FE5 front sway bar. As a recap. @113600miles, New aluminum Lower Control arms, Delco FE5 struts & shocks with new 250mm cheap sway bar links. Grabed hold,of intermediat shaft and feel no runnout or binding. Yet...
  9. Clunk-clunk at Every Bump Revisited

    Coby7 did an excelent post on sway bar bushings. I dont think that is my problem. Here is whai i just completed on my 08 and need suggestions on tie rods What a difference good shocks and struts make. As a quick recap i just installed Delco FE5 shocks & Struts orig LS springs & sway bars &...