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  1. Weird Problem,pick Your Brains!

    Problems and Service
    I have a 2010 Chevy cobalt 2.2l ecotec. Last January time frame my car started having a slightly harder shift from 1-2 gear. it would happen once or twice then go away for 2-3 mths.(no codes and was VERY intermittent) .... when it started happening more often 2-3 weeks(code p1080) but then light...
  2. Cat and Some Major Sensor Problems

    Problems and Service
    I have a 2008 Cobalt Sport, automatic, sedan. I deliver food with my car five nights a week, average 8-9 hours actual driving each night and putting on 90-140 miles each night. I work 55-65 every week and am now taking tons of time away from sleep trying to figure out everything that is wrong...
  3. TPMS Fixed but Computer Doesnt Reset

    Problems and Service
    Hi, first time posting here. I replaced 4 missing sensors and a key FOB. THe latter helped start the learn process for the TPMS but the light on the dash menu still says malfunction with the light flashing for about 60 seconds then staying on. I read the closed posts on here and could not find a...
  4. Computer Relearn After Battery Unhook

    Problems and Service
    So a few weeks ago, I swapped out my steering wheel, and had to unhook the battery. I knew the computer was going to reset and read the relearn process somewhere. I let it idle, and drove it hard on the road and highway for a while so it could relearn my driving style. But now on the highway...
  5. For Sale Gateway Netbook.

    For Sale/Wanted (Non Car-Related)
    Up for sale is a Gateway LT2104u Netbook. It was purchased by me in March and is in excellent condition. It is very fast for a notebook and offers excellent battery life. It's great for the person that wants to surf the net and or wants something that is ultra portable and lightweight. It will...