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  1. Car Crash.. Home Repairable or No?

    Hey Everyone! I'm new to this forum but, I'm trying to reach out to people that might know more than me about Cobalts. I have a 2010 LT that still has about 89,000 miles and recently I got into an accident and messed up the entire front end of my car. The car still turns over and I can still...
  2. Body Parts Anyone?

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    WARNING! THIS MAY MAKE YOU CRY! About 3 weeks into having my lovely balt I was cruising with some friends and didn't notice the truck that hit his brakes in front of me. Sad to say i slammed my brakes and slid into the bastard...:notrust: Luckily, no engine damage at all! YAY! But bad body...
  3. Killarowa's Accident Pix-March

    Driving back home in Hawaii from Pearl City, took the on ramp to merge with the H1 freeway and began accelerating to get up to highway speeds (55mph) at the top of the ramp traffic was stopped cuz someone wanted to stop and wait for an opening instead of get up to speed and merge like YOUR...