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  1. Problems and Service
    The speedometer backlight on my 2007 Cobalt LT is out. The fuel and tach gauges are still backlit, just not the speedometer. I don't think it is a fuse problem, because it would be the whole cluster that would be dark, correct? Did some quick Googling on speedometer-specific light problems, with...
  2. New Member Introductions
    This is my Cobalt..Looking for some parts...Interior carbon Fiber ....PLEASE
  3. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Proud owner of a Silver 2008 Chevy Cobalt. I've been looking through some posts and am wanting to paint my dash. A few questions. Do I have to remove the old paint? (Do I just paint right over it?) If you have had painted your dash, did you regret it? What colors do you think would look nice on...
  4. Problems and Service
    Drove home on 364 mile trip. Parked the car in driveway. Went out to start it and put it in garage. Turned the ignition on and the wiper came on. Moving the wiper contriol has no effect. Turned ignition off, but the wiper keeps working. The right headlight is normal, the left is dim. Get...
  5. Problems and Service
    i think i might have an electrical problem, sometimes i have lights popping up on my dash, or warnings in my info screen. but the weird thing is they do it sporadically, they aren't always on. these are a few: check engine light check gas cap abs/esc light also, i think i have a brake problem...
  6. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I've seen a bunch of things sticker bombed but havent seen an interior of a cobalt done I figured Id give it a shot! I used skateboarding stickers that I've collected over the years from when I use to be a skateboarder. Im still debating on doing the middle piece....its gonna be hard to...
  7. Interior
    Just a quick little video on how to remove your trim and dash pieces. I would've liked to see something like this when I was starting out doing mods to my car. Figured I'd post it for other noobs like me. [plus I told someone I'd do this for them] :toung:
1-7 of 7 Results