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  1. 2010 SS Hand Brake Adjustment?

    2010 SS/LNF Hand Brake Adjustment? I'm familiar with the rear cable that teeters for the 2 cables coming from both of the rear calipers to kinda balance the pull at the hand brake handle. now i've got it nut adjusted as much as i can but it doesn't really matter since it's completely lopsided...
  2. E-brake Broke

    Hey guys I have a 2008 cobalt lt a couple months ago my e-brake suddenly decided to slam back down when I was parked on a hill. Since then I have not be able to figure out how to fix it and make it hold again like it's supposed to. I have inspection coming up here in a couple weeks and indeed it...
  3. E-Brake Isnt Engaging?

    hey guys/gals. I have an 09 LS xfe. Its a 5-spd and runs like a top. It only has one issue that I know of so far and its the e-brake. It doesnt click. I pull the brake up and it doesnt stay. it just falls back down. and like i said it doesnt click anymore. any ideas? someone had this problem...