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  1. Engine Mount Torque Spec?

    Problems and Service
    ('07 Cobalt LS, 2.2 L) Re the passenger side engine mounts, ... - The Alldata manual (AIUI, from Helm) says " Tighten the engine mount to body nuts to 66 N.m (49 lb ft). " Tighten the engine mount to bracket bolts to 130 N.m (96 lb ft) plus 45 degrees. - But, the specs posted elsewhere...
  2. Compression Specs for LAP 2.2 Ecotec?

    Engine Mods
    I'm getting pretty close to pulling the trigger on a supercharger kit, but want to check compression first. I've been Googling this for a while, but I've found varying answers between 120 psi all the way up to 225 psi. Does anyone know what the "perfect/factory" range is, and the "still...
  3. E25 Cobalt

    All about MPG
    I was wondering if anybody has tried E25 gasoline in their Cobalt. My local ethanol gas station offers both E85 and E25 at a significant discounts over the E10 that you can get everywhere. I am not talking about putting E85 in by cobalt, just 25% ethanol in my 2006 non-modded 2.2 Ecotec. From...
  4. Looking for Intake for 08 Ls Sedan

    Engine Mods
    Hey guys I am looking to get a short ram intake for my 08 Balt. It is a Lt and its a 4dr. 2.2l ecotec, I was wondering if anyone else got one for their sedan ls and if so where did they get it from and for how much?? I just got my car two days ago and its bone stock. Thanks guys.
  5. TN Owner Remix

    K lets try this again, I have seen most of the TN threads get locked for some reason or another. Now I know there isn't to many of us round the great state of tenneessee. Lets do this right and give us a place to get meet and greets, cruzes, and anything else we can think of put together in...
  6. Exhaust

    Engine Mods
    im looking for a new exhaust for my 09 2.2 lt2, ive looked at alot of exhaust that i like but dont have the money to spend 800+ bucks. anyone know of an exhaust that has a depp growling kinda sound for around 350 400 bucks?, also ive been seeing a lot of manufacturers sell a 2.5 and a 3 inch...
  7. Help with Turbocharging the 2.2

    Engine Mods
    im about 300 dollars shy of a turbo kit and i plan to have the money to buy it within the next few not planning on running crazy PSI, but i dont wanna be sitting at 8 with only 200 HP. i know i need to buy some parts so that i can safely run a good amount, but does anyone have...