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  1. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Tires
    I have an Lt Sedan and was wondering if anyone has put eibach sportlines on this particular car, without getting camber alignment bolts afterwords. I want to know how bad the camber would be with out them since i'm quite broke. Thank you, Mitchel
  2. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Tires
    i read around for a little bit and tried to look it up. but i dont know what FE1s or FE 5s are. how do i know what i have? i just orderd the lowering springs. the eibach kit. and i read a post saying the my FE 1s wont last if i get these. but i dont know what i have. suspension is completely...
  3. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Tires
    Ok, so many of you know I recently installed Eibach Sportlines to my 2.2L LS. When I first installed, the steering wheel was cocked to the right and driving straight. I went to get an alignment and after, it PULLED to the right. I then got it aligned AGAIN and they printed out all of the specs...
1-3 of 4 Results