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  1. Problems and Service
    '07 Cobalt LS, auto transmission. There's a problem with the G105 ground, which would be easier to get at if I disconnect the circular C100 connector on the front of the transmission. I imagine it's "squeeze here and rotate" or something, but so far nothing has worked. Is there a trick? Thanks.
  2. Problems and Service
    So my cobalt has had some issues with the electrical side. It’s RPM fluctuation, bogging out, ect. All symptoms of a bad Fuel tank pressure sensor. I replaced the Fuel tank pressure, the MAP and MAF and if anything it’s gotten worse. Now it will start fine with the engine light still on but...
  3. Problems and Service
    As stated in title, not sure how to go about figuring out what the issue is here. I have a 2010 LT with now 150k on it. The first time this happened was last summer while i was driving, lost all power and managed to crawl to a parking lot. After a lot of pain and research, i finally figured out...
  4. Maintenance
    So I’ve been having my cobalt for about 2 years it’s a 2007. unfortunately I messed with the battery and had to go ahead and install an alternator which was challenging but got it done. Unfortunately when I messed with the battery it blew out some electrical work on my dash. I was able to fix my...
  5. Electrical
    What would I need to get and do to install remote start? I don't have power locks or a key fob.
1-5 of 5 Results