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  1. Interior & Exterior Styling
    So I get that the debadged look is really popular and I get why everyone does it.. but its not for me. My car looks naked to me. The previous owner scraped all the badges off the back of my cobalt. Its going to run me a little under $70 to get them all replaced, which is fine. I was curious how...
  2. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Before I debadge, I just want to know if there is any place to buy new emblems if I decide I liked my girl better with em than without. Any links to a site selling them would be awesome, I couldn't find anything on the google. And last part, I have an 08 in imperial blue metallic. Should I worry...
  3. Interior & Exterior Styling
    the bowties!!! sorry for the huge images. the rear one gave me a lot of problems and i kinda effed it up a tad. it doesnt look too bad for the first go IMO. i'll get around doing it later if i dont do full de-badge first. so...i know everyone and their dog has done it...but watcha think?
  4. Interior & Exterior Styling
    If I want to reapply the COBALT letters somewhere, I use double sided tape, right? And also, do you just have to cut the tape out perfect to stick on the back of the letters? In your opinion, how do you like this idea? [This was from before I put the letters on my interior. I just stuck them...
1-4 of 4 Results