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engine noise

  1. Cobalt 2.2 Engine Noise 06

    Problems and Service
    Just when I thought I had my cobalt sorted it starts making weird noises. Video link below. The noise seems to come from the timing chain area. I replaced the timing chain/guides/tensioner 12k miles ago, the car's at 127k now. I just took off the valve cover, there's no slack on the timing...
  2. High Pitched Noise from Driver's Side

    Problems and Service
    Hey guys, I've got a high pitched noise coming from under the hood and it sounds like it is from the driver's side. It isn't a periodic knock knock (or if it is knocking, the knocks are too close together for me to distinguish them). It sounds a lot like this -...
  3. Possible Rod Knock

    Problems and Service
    06 Cobalt LS. 98K. Recently (within the last month) had scheduled oil change. About a week ago, car developed a small tapping noise under acceleration. Deceleration and idle produces no audible noise. No loss of power. Car idles at about 500 rpms. Noise does not start until close to 1500 rpms...
  4. Compressor Sound from Engine on Start and Acceleration.

    Problems and Service
    Hello everyone, I am recently mentioned change in my engine sound, and I hope that someone here already had similar problem. So - recently my engine started sound louder, that it usually is - especially, when I accelerate. The sound is similar to compressor sound, and the faster I accelerate...