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  1. Jury-rig Exhaust Support?

    Problems and Service
    (2007 LS auto) The middle pipe (aka 'resonator') [1] on this car has two support points. Both consist of a barbed rod welded to the chassis with a rubber 'insulator' hanging from it. Another rod welded to the pipe plugs into the 'insulator'. In my case, both rods have broken off the pipes...
  2. Check My Upgrade List Please?

    Engine Mods
    Firstly, sorry if a thread for this exists. I haven't been able to find something that answered all of my questions. I'm looking to bump the HP in my 2010 Cobalt LT (Auto; 2.2L) and I've been lurking trying to find all the best upgrades to do before doing a Trifecta Tune. For now, I think I'm...
  3. Cat and Some Major Sensor Problems

    Problems and Service
    I have a 2008 Cobalt Sport, automatic, sedan. I deliver food with my car five nights a week, average 8-9 hours actual driving each night and putting on 90-140 miles each night. I work 55-65 every week and am now taking tons of time away from sleep trying to figure out everything that is wrong...
  4. 2010 2.2 Exhaust Second Opinion?

    Engine Mods
    Hey, i've been on the site for a while but this is my first post so.. Hi! :smiley-greet013: I'm doing a total exhaust overhaul and wanted your guys' opinion. I've got a 2010 LT Auto engine. I'm looking for something that will give decent performance (I know it probably wont be too much) and a...
  5. Exhaust Question

    Engine Mods
    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the website and the Trubendz catback system? I have a 2007 Cobalt LS by the way TruBendz 2.5" Performance Exhaust System Chevy Cobalt 05-10
  6. Headers Full Exhaust System, is a Manifold Worth It?

    Engine Mods
    I have an 06 cobalt ls and Im looking to buy a full exhaust system to include headers all the way down to the muffler, would spening 350+ on an intake manifold worth putting the extra money into it, and if so any good brands that i should start looking into? This is the first step in making my...
  7. Ebay Exhaust or Branded?

    Engine Mods
    ive seen branded exhausts and they seem a bit pricy for my, tsudo is the second cheapest, but then i found an exhaust on ebay similar to tsudo that is cheaper with free shipping. it seems legit in my opinion. its a top rated seller at 99.2% positive feedback. Check it out. 2005-2007 06 CHEVY...