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  1. Engine Rattle...timing Chain Tensioner, or Oil Filter?

    Problems and Service
    So I started up a thread a long time ago on this issue, and I got back into researching it. So my 2008 Ls with 73k still rattles on startup, for about 2 seconds. The longer it sits, the longer it lasts. It seems I've found it could be two things. Either the timing chain tensioner, or oil...
  2. 2009 Xfe; This is What the Fuel Filter Spot Looks Like if It's in the Fuel Tank

    Problems and Service
    Hi, New to the forum. I have two cobalts, a 2007 LS and a 2009 XFE. Just changed the fuel filter on the 2007 LS, extremely easy, and all the photos online were very helpful. The only problem was I forgot the relay alignment and had to use a multimeter to find the correct way to insert it...
  3. How To: Remove and Install Fuel Filter VIDEO

    Whats up fellow Cobalt owners, so I changed the fuel filter on my 2007 Chevy Cobalt Ls today and I noticed that there are great write ups and a few pictures but there are No videos on how to do it. I always look online to try to fix things my self and I have gained a lot of useful information...
  4. Making My Own Intake

    Engine Mods
    I am going to make my own intake using the kit and parts sold at my local parts store (i.e. Advanced Auto or Pep-Boys) and I was wondering if this is truly everything needed to make a short ram intake? Besides a clamp or two. Any one with experience please help me out. I am trying to get the...
  5. How To: Change Your Cabin Air Filter

    No tools required. Open your glove box. There are 2 tabs on either side of the glove box. Press those inwards, this will allow the Glove box to fall. Look behind the glove box and you will see a flap with 3 clips. Unclip those with your fingers and pull downwards. The Air filter is...
  6. How To: Oil Change

    Personally I'd recommend changing the oil yourself, the 20 bucks you pay to get it changed you get crappy regular oil with a crappy cheap filter. My oil change costs me ~30 bucks for Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil + a decent filter. Walmart has 5qt jugs of Mobil 1 for ~25 bucks (much cheaper than...