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  1. Need Help to Program Fob, Not Key, 2007 Cobalt

    Problems and Service
    Hello, I'm a new member here on yourcobalt and have been reading many different posts on re-programming the key fobs for different years. It seems like the 2007 is an anomaly and you have to have the dealer or someone with some specific scanner to reprogram. I have a very rudementary DIC...
  2. Remote Start

    Problems and Service
    My LS came with an excaliber remote starter and it works decent except my steering column seems WAY loose and the trunk button doesnt work in car or on remote start FOB i'm guessing both are mess ups from the place that put in the remote start but i dont know for sure and i dont know who...
  3. 08 Cobalt Key Fob/Tire Pressure Sensors

    Problems and Service
    My battery died awhile ago and with it went my key fobs sync to my car, and my TPMs. So today I decided since I have some free time i'll reset them, and from what I've read you need to key fob working to reset the TPMs. I followed the guide below but it doesn't seem to sync my key fob back...
  4. How To: Fix the Nonworking Buttons on Keyfob:

    So after replacing the battery in my fob, my lock buttons on both, and unlock button on one still wouldn't work. I checked the little battery cling, and made sure all the contacts were in there. The next thing that popped in my head was "I wonder if I cross the circuit, if it will work?" Tried...
  5. Keyless Entry Problem

    New Member Introductions
    Hello there, I have a 07 cobalt LT sedan, ever since I bought the car I have had problems with the buttons. They will work like a dream and then out of nowhere they will stop working. I have taken a look inside and have noticed that the battery clip keeps falling of the circuit board. I have...