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  1. Popping noise in front end

    Problems and Service
    Yesterday I was getting ready to pull into the driveway and heard a loud pop noise in the front end I wasn’t turning yet I was just slowing down right before I turned. I got down to about 10mph and it popped and slowed me down more. Currently I have a bad strut and bad sway bar links which will...
  2. Front end problems no one can solve

    Problems and Service
    Hi! I'm new to the forum. I just bought an 06 Cobalt. I'm absolutely in love with the car except for one issue I can't seem to get resolved. I bought the car in February and it seemed to have no problems other than a mild vibration between 40-50 mph. In March the CV joint failed. I took it to a...
  3. Front End Noise and Rear End Noise Sounds Like a Truck on Boggers Driving. Down the R

    Problems and Service
    My 05 ls couple manual has a bad rear end and front end noise starts at 50kph (30mph) at 110kph it gets really bad almost sounds like. The CV axle shaft is vibrating in the transaxle, it doesn't change from doing ANYTHING only way to stop noise is go 120 and it fades a bit or below 50kph is...
  4. Front End Clunk

    I have a clunk coming from the driver side of my 05 cobalt ls when I apply the break for the first time in drive after being in reverse. Only does it once. I can go forward all day long after that without it happening again until I back up then go forward again. Rotors are tight calipers are...