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  1. Problems and Service
    Okay, so I have had my cobalt for almost a year. It's a 2008 special edition. Not sure if that matters. But for like 8 out of the 9 months I've had it the engine feels like it's surging. Like when I'm driving I'll still be going 40mph but it feel like the car is pulling back and my RPM gage...
  2. Problems and Service
    I've watched as many how to's as I can find but none of them show replacing the fuel pump with California emissions. From what I understand my particular fuel pump with rpo code nu6 will not be replaced like your average fuel pump. A normal one would pull right out of the access in the tank and...
  3. All about MPG
    Hello. I had a fuel pump going bad in my 2.2 07 Cobalt. This caused problems, but my combined mileage was about 27-30 per gallon. I got a new fuel pump. My engine has more power, but my combined mileage dropped to 24-27. Is this normal?
  4. Install Guides/DIY
    So i removed the gas tank and the lock ring holding the pump in but the part i pulled out looks nothing like anything for sale online??? Can someone please enlighten me
  5. Problems and Service
    Ok starting a new thread of my own. 2009 LT XFE California Car, 130k. Car previously would run for a short period of time then wouldnt start, no fuel pressure at the rail (February, literally died when I was out buying a Valentines gift for my wife, not a good day). I changed the fuel pump...
  6. Problems and Service
    So I have a 2008 cobalt, and its winter here and everyday its cold outside my car sounds awful starting like its not going to but does, and if I drive it without it being warmed up a lot she stalls out when I stop. This only happens for the first few minutes until the coolant warms. SO, I...
  7. New Member Introductions
    I have a 2005 base Cobalt that I purchased brand new. It is starting to show it's age and I take care of the DIYs the best I can with help of sites like Right now, I'm dealing with a fuel leak that is either a rusty line or the fuel pump. Getting ready to pull it into the...
  8. Problems and Service
    I have a 07 Chevy Cobalt. The original fuel pump in the car had a gas leak due to a defective plastic part that cracked, so I took the car to a local Chevrolet dealer and had the fuel pump module replaced under special coverage at the beginning of February. Soon after the replacement, I noticed...
  9. Problems and Service
    I have a 07 Chevy Cobat Lt coupe. 108k. Drove The car saturday night with no issues, let it sit all day sunday, went to start it up monday evening and it wouldnt start. It seemed as if the battery was dead so i had it jumped it started up fine, we also checked all the fuse's to make sure nothing...
  10. Problems and Service
    STRONG gas smell coming from rear of car prompted me to look underneath. There is a very fast stream of gas coming from front (engine side) of tank. Is this the fuel pump gone bad, clogged fuel filter or a possible broken/cracked gas line?
  11. Problems and Service
    I recently took my 2007 ls in for a fuel pump recall. It got to the point where it would hardly start and I could smell gas bad. I got it fixed and it has been starting fine. Well now, my engine light is on. I took it to get diagnostics ran on it and they said it was the emission control system...
1-11 of 11 Results