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  1. Fuel pump issue?

    Problems and Service
    I would like a little help from someone who knows more about cars than I do please... I bought a Cobalt from a guy who said it died in traffic. I noticed that the fuel injector fuse was blown, so I put a good headlight fuse in it. I pulled the fuel rail off and it sprays fuel nicely for about 5...
  2. Fuel Line Brackets

    Problems and Service
    '07 Cobalt LS. Fuel line leak, extensive rust. It has a leak in the pressure line, where it runs between the gas tank and rear wheel. There's significant rust all along the line, moreso near the brackets. I'd like to replace the whole line with Nicopp. To do this, I need to open the...
  3. Gas Tank Support?

    Problems and Service
    '07 LS. Under the gas tank, there is a sheet-metal panel (in this case, quite deteriorated), supported with conventional straps. This panel appears to be distinct from the tank itself - I can reach my finger around the back edge, and feel a rounded corner (presumably, the tank proper) above...
  4. Fixed Gas Leak... Or So I Thought?

    Problems and Service
    Sorry if this looks like a long post, I'll put a too-long;didn't-read version at the bottom in red. . So the other day, my 2008 Cobalt LT failed to start on the first try, but the second try started fine. Immediately following, a strong odor of gasoline started flowing into the interior of the...
  5. Fuel Line Leak at Drivers Side Rear Clamp Infront of Tire

    Problems and Service
    Hello any help appreciated! 2005 cobalt Ls 2.2 coupe Been smelling gas for about a month now got to work today and idled about 15 mins and the smell got worse it smelled like sombody splashed fresh gas on my nose inspected. For leaks and found a wet clamp with 2 steel lines and 2 plastic ones...
  6. 2009 Xfe; This is What the Fuel Filter Spot Looks Like if It's in the Fuel Tank

    Problems and Service
    Hi, New to the forum. I have two cobalts, a 2007 LS and a 2009 XFE. Just changed the fuel filter on the 2007 LS, extremely easy, and all the photos online were very helpful. The only problem was I forgot the relay alignment and had to use a multimeter to find the correct way to insert it...
  7. Newbie Here. Car Not Starting. Possible Fuel Pump Failure?

    Problems and Service
    hi people, Im new to this forum but I hope this is the right place. I left my car, cobalt 2005 base 2.2, parked for about two days on the street. and today when i tried to start it in the morning it didnt do nothing. no cranking, no ignition. i took the battery to autozone and got the guys...
  8. GM Ceremony in Lordstown Marks Start of Chevrolet Cruze Production 9-9-2010

    Chevy Cruze Discussion
    excerpt: GM's Reuss said that Lordstown's success with the Cruze was a personal goal for him. His father, Lloyd Reuss, was chief engineer on the Chevrolet Vega built at the plant in the early 1970s. Reuss said that as a child, he spent several months living in Lordstown-area hotels as his...