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  1. Maintenance
    Hey i just got a 2008 cobalt LT and im trying to find the fuses for the airbags. Is there only one inside the car on the passenger side? or is there any in the engine compartment? I have a "service Air Bag" showing up on the dash and apparently the last owner had the steering column out, seats...
  2. Problems and Service
    Please read entirely before assuming this is a "re-post". I've searched and read several posts concerning SIMILAR problems, but not found one EXACTLY like mine. My daughter owns a 2006 Chevy Cobalt, two door. It sat undriven for just under a year due to financial and time issues getting the...
  3. Problems and Service
    Hey, So I have a 2007 Cobalt LS, and the last week and a half my Park Lamp Fuse keeps blowing. I have tried every other fuse and they are all fine, I've tried every bulb on the circuit and they are fine. I am out of ideas. I googled and I haven't found any solutions that I haven't tried...
  4. Problems and Service
    So I accidentially shorted out one of my 12volt plugs in my Cobalt. I finally found the fuse panel but I cannot figure out which fuse is used to power them. I checked every fuse I believe and cannot find it. Any ideas?
1-4 of 4 Results