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  1. Brake Lights and Turn Signals....more Specific

    Problems and Service
    Please read entirely before assuming this is a "re-post". I've searched and read several posts concerning SIMILAR problems, but not found one EXACTLY like mine. My daughter owns a 2006 Chevy Cobalt, two door. It sat undriven for just under a year due to financial and time issues getting the...
  2. Parking Lamp Fuse Keeps Blowing

    Problems and Service
    Hey, So I have a 2007 Cobalt LS, and the last week and a half my Park Lamp Fuse keeps blowing. I have tried every other fuse and they are all fine, I've tried every bulb on the circuit and they are fine. I am out of ideas. I googled and I haven't found any solutions that I haven't tried...
  3. Which Fuse is Used to Power the 12volt Plugs in My 2010 Cobalt?

    Problems and Service
    So I accidentially shorted out one of my 12volt plugs in my Cobalt. I finally found the fuse panel but I cannot figure out which fuse is used to power them. I checked every fuse I believe and cannot find it. Any ideas?