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  1. People Going to TN Meet: I Need Your Help!

    Wanted (Car Related Only)
    People going to the TN meet: I need your help! If you guys can help me out and look for a stock upper grill in your area, that would be awesome. I need one bad! PM me the price and Ill let you know if its a go. Ill pay you once we meet up. I appreciate the help! :) THIS IS WHY I NEED A NEW...
  2. Blacked out lower grills [pics]

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I did this a couple weeks ago, figured I'd post to give some people ideas :) Most people wouldn't even notice this mod, but I like it. p.s. dont mind the dirty whip! Before After
  3. Painting some things. HELP!

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I want to paint my lower grills black. and also the COBALT letters on the interior black and rebadge them on the trim. How do I go about prepping before painting grills and letters?