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  1. Factory Sub-woofer

    So I was looking to replace my 2006 cobalt ss factory radio with an aftermarket one, but whenever I select one on a website such as crutchfield it says it's not compatible with the factory subwoofer. Is that because you need to buy an amp for it to work? I really don't know much if anything...
  2. Problems After Headunit Install

    I just installed a JVC Arsenal KD-A645 Arsenal CD receiver and as I turn up the volume on it, the speakers begin to crackle and disort the music playing. I messed around with the Bass, Treble, and Middle and could not find that right setting to stop the speakers from acting up. The speakers are...
  3. 07 Cobalt Coupe LS Replacing Audio

    I am looking for suggestions on what sounds best I am not looking to spend any more than 200$ after installation (I am probably just going to let Best Buy do it because I have no clue what I would be doing) I do not need a new head unit right now but may swap it out at a later date.
  4. Install JVC Head Unit in 06 Cobalt Help!

    Hello all, I am trying to install a new head unit in my cobalt but I have run into some difficulties. I bought a harness off of eBay that was supposed to work on my car but the wiring on the harness did not match up with the JVC wiring. I do not want to buy the expensive harness because I do...
  5. Noob HU Questions...

    I just bought a used '06 cobalt with the OEM "premium sound", no OnStar, no XM, no aux input... and had a few noob questions: 1. With the head units I've looked at on Crutchfield, it says I will lose the driver info with the new headunits unless I buy a special adapter for another hundred bucks...
  6. For Sale: Garage Clean-out Bunch of Stuff!

    For Sale (Car Related Only)
    Hey up for sale I have a few things. contact me PM here. [100+ shipping] K & N SRI intake for a 2.2L the Filter is new about 500km on it since i had to replace it wreaked old one by accident. the intake itself has about 25000km on it. -Complete with original box and instructions, and extra...
  7. Headunit Install

    I went to Best Buy and a local stereo install place and they said it would be a grand pain in the ass to put a flip up headunit in my 2007 LS bolt. Can I get some input on this? Would it be a waste to buy a $300 headunit if it is a ***** to install?
  8. Suggestions?

    Looking to get a head unit to replace the stock one in my ls. Any good suggestions on a GPS/DVD/CD/MP3 touch screen double din head unit with iphone/ipod integration?