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  1. Cobalt AC/Heat Only Works on 4 High

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    My 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt AC/Heat only works correctly on the highest setting which is 4 on the dial. On 1, 2, and 3 it turns on like it should blow AC/Heat but is not normal more like running the fan only on 1 with no cold or hot air coming from the vents. So only the high setting of 4 works...
  2. Cleaned TB, Idle is Odd (with Graphs!)

    Problems and Service
    Yo! So the other day I cleaned my throttle body in order to clear a TPS code I was throwing (P0121). I took it off the car and cleaned it with TB cleaner. Covered up the connection port while I was spraying. It did clear that code. However, it seems that now my idle is kinda odd. It's been...
  3. What is Normal Idle for A 2007 5-Speed LS???????????

    Problems and Service
    What is the "normal" idle for a 5-speed LS model? With the AC off, when i take it out of gear into neutral it idles anywhere between 1000-1300rpm. But when i stop, it drops it down to 800 rpm and keeps it rock steady. No higher, no lower. But when the AC is on, when i take it out of gear into...
  4. High Rise, Low Rise, or No Rise?

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Okay first of all I know there are a million threads asking this question lol I have a 2007 LS and lately I have been considering doing a little more to make my body look a little less stock in the near future (body kit, spoiler, etc). As of now I want to just keep it simple and go for a new...