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  1. Northeast Ohio

    Hey guys I was wondering who on here is from northeast ohio or around it! Looking for some cobalt buddies. Lol. See a few in my city but I don't know the drivers! Pm me or respond in here! Also I am from mentor ohio And drive a silver sedan lt
  2. Bolt Ons

    Engine Mods
    Hey guys i was just wondering what some good bolt ons are that are with buying. Also what is the max hp gain i could get from just bolt ons?
  3. Question for More Hp??????

    Engine Mods
    ----For my Friend---- He has a cobalt ss 2007 (I think it's 205hp) and want to know if it's possible to chip it to have 260 hp like a 2008 and how much it cost. Does it damage the engine or transmission, etc..
  4. Horsepower Gain from Different Exhausts?

    Engine Mods
    does anyone know which exhaust systems give you what horsepower? eg. headers: pacesetter, DC, Vibrant CatBack: Megan, Borla, DC, Magnaflow, GMPP
  5. How Much Horsepower Can You Run on a Stock Transmission?

    I have an 08 Cobalt with an auto tranny and i was wondering how much hp i can run before i need a new trans thanks
  6. new chip?

    Engine Mods
    Ok I was lookin at the ebay parts site in the sticky thread in owners lounge about links and they have like $30 chips that they claim add horsepower and mpg. Is this legit? Is it hard to install? Any answers would be great. Thanks guys (and assorted girls).