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  1. Trunk and Ignition Block!!

    Problems and Service
    Hello... My Cobalt 2005 is died... totally died.. I used it yesterday morning but after work, I arrived it does not started, no battery, I can not opened the door... after five minutes, I was able to open a door and I made a big mistake, I put the key on the ignition and Big surprise, I can not...
  2. Shakes Turns into Mysterious Shut Off While PARKED!

    Problems and Service
    Hello Everyone, I am having an unusual issue with my 2006 Chevy Cobalt LS. Unfortunately, today when coming home from work, my car unexpectedly turned off while the key was still in the ON position in the ignition. This is not the first time it has happened. It has happened once before in March...
  3. Car Wont Start with Clicking Sound

    Problems and Service
    I have a 2007 Cobalt LT, it's equipped with a remote engine starter. My car wouldn't start and a clicking noise could be heard coming behind the radio. The key got stuck in the ignition because of this (manged to release with the white button under the steering). Nothing electrical will work...
  4. PLX Dm-100 Multi-gauge Help!

    Hey everyone, Im not to sure if this is in the right category so I apologize if it is not. I recently purchased a PLX DM-100 Universal OLED touchscreen for my 2007 balt, it came with a cigarette lighter power cord to power the gauge, and also a hardwired power cord. I have set my gauge up...
  5. Engine Starting Itself Without Keys, Now Doors Unlock on Own

    Problems and Service
    Hi all, My girlfriend drives an '05 Chevy Cobalt, and had an issue today where the engine would start itself as soon as the keys were pulled OUT of the ignition. Yes, you are reading that correctly. With the car running like normal, turning the key to the off position would shut the engine...
  6. Key Sticks in Ignition and Alarm Goes Off when Unlocking with Key

    Problems and Service
    Hello, I have a used 2005 Base model automatic 4 door Cobalt. We purchased it about 9 months ago - has only 30,000 miles. There are a couple of problems that seem to be related. 1. When we bought it - both key fobs worked. Since either the key fobs went bad. On one the metal piece that holds...
  7. Key Stuck in Ignition in on Position, Manual Cobalt.

    Problems and Service
    I have a manual 5speed 2008 cobalt. The key is stuck in the ignition in the on position, so I can not turn the car off with out stalling the motor and then disconnecting the battery to prevent it from draining. I have read that there is a button in the steering wheel column that can be pushed...
  8. Ignition Failure?

    Problems and Service
    So I haven't gotten anything done with my heater in the couple of days since it went completely out, and now the car won't start at all. Everything is closed on a Friday night except truck stops so I had them install a new starter, but it still doesn't work. At least I was able to get it there...
  9. Girlfriend's Saturn Ion problems

    Other Cars
    My girlfriend has a 2005 Saturn Ion [auto] and shes had trouble with the key getting stuck in the ignition after she parks and turns the car off. Sometimes you have to wait like 5 minutes for the thing to come out! Ive read somewhere that maybe the car isnt registering in park? How do I fix this?