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  1. Injen Intake Models

    Engine Mods
    I am wanting to get the injen cai for my 2.2 but I am confused on the different styles. When I put the item number in on eBay it brings up a bunch of different styles. On injens website it shows one style with that item number, the kind with the metal elbow that goes on the Throttle body, and on...
  2. Injen SP Series 07 Intake, Installed on 09 LS XFE with SAI Line

    Engine Mods
    Finally got my intake from autoeverything, apparently available doesnt mean in-stock. :rolleyes: So here is the old engine bay: only pic i could find of stock car =p Then with the Injen SP intake: The intake will fit ANY cobalt as long as its LS or LT from 05-current (far as i know), only...
  3. How to Keep a Injen Cold Air Intake Cold

    Engine Mods
    I put a injen cold air intake on and its taking all the engines heat to its tubbing. Is there any way to stop it? Or anways to block heat?
  4. How to Install Injen Intercooler Piping

    Hey guys, So i recently installed the Injen intercooler piping and thought I would put some pic's up to show how its done. Before I did this I could not find any install info on it so hopefully this will help others looking into it. This install will take about an hour to do. The...
  5. For Sale: Injen CAI for 2.2

    For Sale (Car Related Only)
    Brand New Injen Cold Air Intake for a 2.2L Cobalt. Brand New in it's box, the model number is SP7024BLK or you can see it here. Asking $250 + Shipping. I bought it for $265, so cutting a little deal :) The reason I am selling it brand new is below! And I live in Detroit so if your close maybe...
  6. Intake or No?

    Engine Mods
    I searched around for a bit but I did not find an answer to this: I have an 08 Sport, LE5 motor (2.4L NA) and I am planning on piecing a supercharger kit together over the next year (please don't make this into a debate about TC over SC....) and I am wondering whether it would be worth the...
  7. Killarowa / 2009 Chevy Cobalt SS TC 2.0 / Oahu, Hawaii

    Vehicle Showoff
    Performance: Injen CAI Injen IC Piping TWM short throw shifter w/ gun metal blue knob HKS SSQV BOV custom chopped exhaust-Resonator Deleted Dropped on Eibach Sportlines (1.5-2.0 est drop) Trifecta Tuned (23psi peak) NEW Intercooler ( NEW Upper Engine Mount and Tranny...
  8. *Official Intake Thread*

    Engine Mods
    There have been soooo many threads about intakes lately. This thread will be used to ask questions about Intakes, all kinds! Post away! UPDATES:
  9. Another Air Intake Question

    Engine Mods
    I am planning on buying an air intake however I must decide on which one. I have a 2.4L Ecotec LE5. Naturally I should go with the K&N 69-4517ttk, it is designed for the 2.4L and claims to boost your horsepower by nearly 16 @ 5900 RPMs. K&N's website also offers a 2.2L version that only boasts a...