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  1. Engine Mods
    I'm sure this has been asked 300 times on this website and I have looked around quite a bit but I'm fairly new to modding so please be kind. I am wondering if it is worth me swapping my 2.2L intake manifold to the 2.4l and buying a different exhaust manifold. When I don't plan on changing the...
  2. Problems and Service
    I had noticed a good amount of oil previously below the intake manifold of my Cobalt LS but figured it was an old issue from the previous owner because at the time my parking lot was dirty and covered in oil so I couldn't see new leaks. After moving, I noticed oil on the ground. Cleaned the...
  3. Engine Mods
    I have an 06 cobalt ls and Im looking to buy a full exhaust system to include headers all the way down to the muffler, would spening 350+ on an intake manifold worth putting the extra money into it, and if so any good brands that i should start looking into? This is the first step in making my...
  4. Engine Mods
    So, I'm driving a 2006 LT 2.2L. I've put a Injen CAI intake into it, and I'm looking to doing some more engine work now. One thing I was looking at doing was's 2.2L to 2.4L Intake Manifold (Ecotec HO Intake Manifold Kit 2.2MMGF - Crate Engine Depot) And the one thing I'm...
  5. Engine Mods
    i got a 2008 2.2 and i want to put in a 2.4 intake manifold but on crateengine they say that they didnt test it on the 2008 yet. my questions are: will the 2.4 fit on my 2.2? and is it a PITA to install?
  6. For Sale (Car Related Only)
    Freshly sandblasted, lightly modified for optimized performance of the water cooling system, lightly ported. Doesn't include the coolant tubes. Pulled from a 2005 Cobalt SS. Great to supercharge your non-supercharged ecotec engine.
1-6 of 6 Results