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    Hello, I'm new here, I'm very passionate about cars and audio equipment, I'm currently looking for my first car I really want to get an 05 or 06 cobalt but may get a Pontiac G5 :/ My hobbies include, Gaming, Podcasting, Playing Guitar, Talking about cars, and having fun. If you guys (and...
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    Greetings fellow lovers of the fun, peppy, yet economical four-wheeled transportation device which is the Cobalt. Alright, that's enough $5 words for one night. My wife and I recently purchased our first Cobalt: a white 2009 LT sedan with 98,000 miles on it. It replaced a 2004 Ford Focus that...
  3. Hey There

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    Hey guys. It's great to find a forum with people who share the same interest in car I do. Got my Cobalt back in January essentially, and it's the second vehicle I've ever owned. I like to consider it my first, to be honest, because I don't believe a Dodge Caravan registers as a vehicle =p I'm...