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  1. 08 Cobalt Key Fob/Tire Pressure Sensors

    Problems and Service
    My battery died awhile ago and with it went my key fobs sync to my car, and my TPMs. So today I decided since I have some free time i'll reset them, and from what I've read you need to key fob working to reset the TPMs. I followed the guide below but it doesn't seem to sync my key fob back...
  2. Trunklid Keyhole Delete? Huh?

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    So i was searching youtube looking at some cobalts when I came across this video... YouTube - SS/TC Turbo Cobalt SS Burnout I thought jeez this cobalt is so sick! (might be someone one here?) and anyways started thinking...hmm what made it look so cool? my balt is debadged...with smoked...