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  1. Engine Mods
    I'm looking to purchase a used k&n cold air intake kit for a 08 cobalt for anyone who has super charged and no longer needs.
  2. For Sale (Car Related Only)
    For Sale: K&N Typhoon Short Ram Intake System (Used) Manu Part #: 69-4515TS Seller: Rob Haynes Username: Rubberdude88 Contact: [email protected] Location: Barrie, ON Price: $165.00 OBO We sold our Cobalt in June of 2012. I took some mods off the car prior to sale... I would like to offer my...
  3. Engine Mods
    There have been soooo many threads about intakes lately. This thread will be used to ask questions about Intakes, all kinds! Post away! UPDATES:
  4. Engine Mods
    Finally got a performance mod! Sounds mean when getting on it! Love it already! Video of before and after soon! :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile: Here's what my girlfriend wrote on the other side of the intake. lol :)
  5. Engine Mods
    I am planning on buying an air intake however I must decide on which one. I have a 2.4L Ecotec LE5. Naturally I should go with the K&N 69-4517ttk, it is designed for the 2.4L and claims to boost your horsepower by nearly 16 @ 5900 RPMs. K&N's website also offers a 2.2L version that only boasts a...
1-5 of 9 Results