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  1. Opinions on My Plan?

    Engine Mods
    I know this is my 3rd post on the engine mods forum within the past few weeks, but just trying to make sure that I’m thinking everything through correctly before I make a commitment and buy these parts. I’ve ultimately come down to the decision that I’m going to stay naturally aspirated. I...
  2. Cheapest Way to Supercharge 2.2 LAP?

    Engine Mods
    So I’ve decided that later down the line, I’m going to supercharge my engine. I’ve heard going the zzp route is bad, how would I piece together my own kit, and what parts of my engine would I need to change? I have an injen SRI and tsudo 2.25 in catback currently installed on the car. I plan to...
  3. 2.2 LAP Mod Suggestions?

    Engine Mods
    I have a 2009 2.2 LAP auto trans cobalt. I ordered a tsudo catback Exhaust and an Injen CAI. Intake is in but still waiting on the the exhaust. I was unsure about what to buy initially but some digging and research and I eventually found that ordering cheap parts off of amazon wasn’t the best...
  4. Compression Specs for LAP 2.2 Ecotec?

    Engine Mods
    I'm getting pretty close to pulling the trigger on a supercharger kit, but want to check compression first. I've been Googling this for a while, but I've found varying answers between 120 psi all the way up to 225 psi. Does anyone know what the "perfect/factory" range is, and the "still...
  5. 2010 2.2 LAP Questions

    Engine Mods
    anyone out there do a lot of bolt-ons to a 2010 2.2? mainly the exhaust, intake and manifolds and throttle body? just wondering if the changes are possible with the 2.4 parts on the 2.2 LAP, i know there is a lot of info about the older models with the L61 but i cant find anything on changes...