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  1. Electrical
    I installed a pair of LED's (superbrightleds) and managed to resolve the hyperflash issue with the switchback blinker via resistor. Low/Hi beams (not that there's a difference) work perfectly as well as the blinker but the switchback feature isn't working, the function that allows the light to...
  2. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I'm planning on replacing my burnt out license plate bulb with an LED bulb, and I want it to be as bright as possible without modding the cover. Does anyone know if either of these two bulbs will fit...
  3. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I added LED eyelids to the car this weekend, what do you guys think? Sorry for only one photo, we had a nasty snowstorm and the car is filthy so I still haven't has the chance for a photoshoot! Also wrapped the front emblem in carbon fiber vinyl. For anyone who is wondering, the lights are...
  4. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I just picked up an '06 LS coupe over the weekend, I already put in a DDM Tuning 600k Bi-Xenon HID kit and swapped all the 194 bulbs to LED as well as an LED dome light. My next goals are red LED lights on the interior. First I'm going to put in red 5050 SMD strips over the footwells, where's...
  5. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I'm looking into buying either a couple surface mount LEDs or LED strip lights to put under my dash. I'm thinking I only want them on when the dome light is on, what would be the best way to wire them? Also is there any way I could install a switch with them wired that way so I can turn on the...
  6. Interior & Exterior Styling
    So I have a 06 LT without the foglight inserts. I was thinking about placing LED strips where grilles are on the lower outside of the front bumpers instead of buying the fog inserts, bulbs and then making a wiring harness. figured it would be a lot cheaper. opinions or has anyone done this?!
  7. Electrical
    How To Replace Your Instrument Cluster & Add LED A note about fasteners We’ll be removing a number of fasteners. Unless you have a photographic memory, get some Ziploc bags and a Sharpie and label bags as you remove fasteners. You’ll be happy you did. Tools you’ll need Low-wattage...
  8. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Anyone know if wiring a LED strip to the headlight wiring would affect or lessen the power too much going to the bulbs, that they would be dimmer or not work period? I know certain bulbs take a toll on the total power of the car to even get them lit or turn on.
  9. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I thought it might be fun to have a thread dedicated to the many ways we can customize our Cobalts with LED lights. This isn't a place to post how-to's, but it is a place to share pictures of things you've done and kick around creative LED mods for future users. Feel free to share your...
  10. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I've got a '06 LS 5spd.. I've plowed 150k onto it thanks to my old job.. It's held up like a champ, other than the 2ndary intake control module, which I haven't replaced yet.. Now that I am a stay at home dad, I've decided she finally gets some love. Over the past few days I have: (1) Removed...
  11. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Has anyone used this site before? I purchased the Chevy Cobalt LED Kit which includes a dome light, trunk light, and license plate light that come in many colors. They have HID headlights but I'm not sure what I need to make sure they work... Do I want my "bulb size" to be Halogen Hi or BiXenon...
  12. Interior & Exterior Styling
    so im currently looking for new taillights for my 08' lt coupe, now i LOVE the way the smoked taillights look on a white car, but before i go and buy those i was wondering if anyone has some thoughts or implications as to pro or cons to smoked taillights. Also if there is anyone has some smoked...
  13. Interior & Exterior Styling
    if i want to replace some leds in my ccfl gen 3 headlights, what is the color is it white or blue? should i go with a different color? which color? where is the best place to buy them?
  14. Electrical
    Hey guys, As promised, but long overdue, here's a tutorial I did to add custom LED turn signals on my sideview mirrors. I attempted to put it all up on here today, but the how-to is over the character limit for forum posts. I guess that's my bad... Anyway, it's not nearly as difficult as it...
  15. Interior & Exterior Styling
    wheres a good place 2 buy led bulbs? got alot from ebay and they suck! looking for reverse bulbs, 4 turn singles should i get switch back or just the chrome bulbs?
  16. Interior & Exterior Styling
    looking 2 get a set of led taillights just want them 2 be bright and look clean..what do u guys think about these? 05-09 CHEVY COBALT 2DR COUPE RED LED TAIL LIGHTS LAMPS: eBay Motors (item 190434054825 end time Sep-20-10 18:51:44 PDT) or dose anybody have and ideas? plzz help lol
  17. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Hey all -- I'm new here. Thought I'd share my cathode lighting in the driver's side footwell. YouTube - Cobalt LT2 - Cathode Lights Installed Under the Steering Wheel Enjoy!
  18. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Just installed my new gen 3 projectors this morning, one of the leds on the passenger headlight is not working. I have emailed the seller to get it fixed but no reply yet. The wiring has to be right or else none of them would light up since they are all wired together. Anyone else had problem...
  19. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I recently did an interior lighting mod that I thought might be beneficial for others interested in something similar. I placed these great little LED's (small enough to fit on the pad of your finger) in the foot wells (1 on each side), wiring them to a toggle and an accessory fuse. It's a...
1-19 of 22 Results