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  1. Headlight Question.

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Hello, I just want to know the resolution would be to solve if one bulb is brighter than the other? They are brand new bulbs (H1). The driver side headlight is more dimmed than the passenger side.
  2. Help Find Brake Light Socket or Harness

    Problems and Service
    Hey guys, Ive got a brake light out on my 06 cobalt ltz. Its the socket, not the light. I need to find a new socket to repair the issue. The complete 3 light socket harness is also a possible repair but I can't seem to find either of these items anywhere. And of course, the stealership wants...
  3. Sonar Headlight SK3302 Problem

    Problems and Service
    I have Sonar Headlights as well but I am running into problems on the Left/Driver side.At first(but still) my light rings and those three light dots underneath would not stay on. Now, I am having an issue where my lights just went completely dim and the high beam light is now dim. My light rings...
  4. Help with Headlight Burnt Out...

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    one day i came back from the store and noticed i had a headlight out, so i went out bought new bulbs and installed them. the driverside high and low beam work but only the high on the passenger side works. i thought maybe just maybe i had a bad bulb so i swapped with driver side annd same thing...
  5. Light Bulb Question

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    i'll probably sound stupid, but what is the name and number of the lightbulb in this picture? (not the headlight bulb) i think its the front turn signal but im just making sure. Thanks
  6. Dome Doesn't Go on with Door but Works...

    Problems and Service
    Hey, My interior dome light won't go on when i open the doors, but goes on no problem when i switch it manually. I never move the switch, and always had it in the 'auto' position. It can't be the door switch because it stays off when the other doors open (or is the driver door the only one...
  7. Headlight Problem

    Problems and Service
    Ok so I bought projector lights (gen 4) and the left one was aimed inwards quite a bit. I returned it and got a new one today. The problem? This one is aimed inwards as well. I put my stock back in, and it appeared to be aimed inwards as well. WTF? Is there any way to move the bracket around to...
  8. More Dome Light Troubles

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Soooo, my dome light rattles with loud music, the clear plastic covering to be precise, and to look at it tonight i popped to whole cover from the headliner, and now i cant get the stupid cover to snap back into the piece thats in the headliner, with the switch and bulb. When i try and put the...
  9. Custom Undertrim LED Lighting

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Was browsing the net bout a week back looking for LED strips to mount somewhere in my car, but in my nature im something of a "tinkerer," so i went on eBay and bought 100 LED's for like 6 bucks and decided to make something all my own. So while painting my trim, still one more coat of white and...