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  1. Problems and Service
    Hello, I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt LS. I am having a problem where I have no dashboard lights, heater panel lights, tail lights, license plate light, and the rear defroster doesn't work. I have checked all the fuses and replaced them including the one for the rear defroster. I am at a loss as to...
  2. Interior & Exterior Styling
    So these came in the mail today and I was wondering if anyone had a video or pictures that would help me with wiring. I haven't found any in-depth videos specifically for cobalts on this topic. The wire crimping is where I'm having issues. The stock has 5 wires going to the headlights...
  3. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Anyone know if wiring a LED strip to the headlight wiring would affect or lessen the power too much going to the bulbs, that they would be dimmer or not work period? I know certain bulbs take a toll on the total power of the car to even get them lit or turn on.
  4. Interior & Exterior Styling
    hi everyone!, the lamps when im driving i can tell aren't aligned. ive done it before, but i feel like my process takes forever does anyone know an easy way of doing it? i know i cant make them perfect but i would like to try and get as close to it as i can lol. on another note, my right bulb...
  5. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Hey all -- I'm new here. Thought I'd share my cathode lighting in the driver's side footwell. YouTube - Cobalt LT2 - Cathode Lights Installed Under the Steering Wheel Enjoy!
  6. Interior & Exterior Styling
    hey everyone, i want to put fog lights on my 06 ls. i have a stock non fog light front bumper. i know i need to get a new bumper but what else would i have to do to get them in? i want to be able to turn them on and off seperate from the rest of my lights?
  7. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I don't know if this has ever been posted, but I thought it might be helpful... 2007 CHEVROLET Cobalt Lighting Chart High & low beam headlamp 9007 9007SU Silverstar ULTRA for Ultra Night Vision - The Whitest and Brightest Halogen 9007ST Silverstar High Performance Lighting: The Whiter...
1-7 of 7 Results