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  1. Magnaflow Users What Do You Have?

    Engine Mods
    i had a magnaflow muffler installed today..i picked a muffler based on a cobalt i saw on here but turns out what i picked is bigger than the one i saw so i think it looks pretty the definition of a ricer:( so does anyone have the magnaflow system designed for the cobalt? im thinking...
  2. Exhaust Question

    Engine Mods
    wondering what everyone is using...i was talking to the owner of my local muffler shop and he said it doesnt make much sense to replace the piping as it is stainless from the factory and there isnt a whole lot of motor in the cobalt and this all makes sense to i was wondering if anyone...
  3. 2010 LS 4dr Magnaflow

    Engine Mods
    I just want to get the magnaflow muffler only but i'm having trouble finding out which muffler will fit perfectly or well enough. can someone help me out and give me some info or the part # plz
  4. For Sale: Magnaflow Muffler

    For Sale (Car Related Only)
    I have a stainless steel Magnaflow muffler with tip for sale, great condition, great sound. Magnaflow has a lifetime warranty. Retail is over $200, asking $150.
  5. MagnaFlow Help

    Engine Mods
    I bought a MagnaFlow Muffler today and i need to know whats the best way to to fit it exactly. I have the reducer and the hanger. its offset oval 2.25in./2.25in. the (length is 14in.) (overall is 20in.) has any one taken pis of the process. any advice so i don't **** it up lol. tomorrow im...
  6. Magnaflow Muffler Any Good?

    Engine Mods
    Hey im getting a new muffler tomorrow and i have my eyes set onthe one i want but i wanna make sure you guys like it too. its mainly for sound. But its a 5x8 Oval Magnaflow Muffler 2.25in Inlet / 4in Outlet #14829 Here is the website page to the muffler. -> MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust...
  7. Exhaust

    Engine Mods
    im looking for a new exhaust for my 09 2.2 lt2, ive looked at alot of exhaust that i like but dont have the money to spend 800+ bucks. anyone know of an exhaust that has a depp growling kinda sound for around 350 400 bucks?, also ive been seeing a lot of manufacturers sell a 2.5 and a 3 inch...
  8. GCobalt05's New Magnaflow Muffler [video and Pics]

    Obviously its not going to sound as good as in real life but heres a video anyways to get an idea. In person, its deep and bassy :) love it!
  9. WTB: Magnaflow/Flowmaster Muffler

    Wanted (Car Related Only)
    I want a cheap muffler, but i want it to be pretty loud.