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  1. Changing Manual Output Shaft Bearing

    Problems and Service
    I have a 2009 cobalt ls with a manual and I need to change the output shaft bearing and I can't find anything on tips or tricks or even if I can do it without any special tools any help would be great.
  2. 07 Cobalt Trouble Shifting into 1st Mainly

    Problems and Service
    So like the title, my car is having issues going into 1st gear. Sometimes you have to kinda push it over to the left more and up to get it to go in. Or 2nd, then off to the left and up into 1st. I pulled the boot off and i notice on the shift assembly the o-ring inside the black plastic clip...
  3. What Clutch Should I Get?

    Hey guys, after 115,000 miles the clutch in my car is slipping. I knew this day would come but I was hoping I could get one more winter out of it. :cheesy: So, my questions for you guys are about replacing this bad boy. I have access to a shop, lift, and plenty of tools. Replacing it will be...
  4. 2006 Cobalt LS Manual Window Stuck

    Problems and Service
    Just picked up a base model LS with manual windows. The drivers side window appears to be jammed. It will not come down (not frozen) as the weather is warm today. I presume the previous owner had this problem for a while as the window lever is stripped and you can feel it just jumping on the...
  5. How To: Make Your Own Manual Shift Boot

    Make Your Own Manual Shift Boot 1. Carefully disassemble your shift boot using a seam ripper paying attention to how the pieces were sewn right sides together. You'll end up with four pieces you can use as a pattern. 2. Use a sharpie pen and trace your pieces on the back side of your...
  6. Key Stuck in Ignition in on Position, Manual Cobalt.

    Problems and Service
    I have a manual 5speed 2008 cobalt. The key is stuck in the ignition in the on position, so I can not turn the car off with out stalling the motor and then disconnecting the battery to prevent it from draining. I have read that there is a button in the steering wheel column that can be pushed...
  7. First Time Driving a Stick Shift Car

    Can anyone give me any useful hints on perfecting the stick shift. I bought a 07 SS Supercharged a week ago and I've been driving it for about 3 of those days. I'm still not so gravy with the launch. Car still bucks a little bit but I don't stall it anymore. How long did you guys take to master...
  8. Manual Transmission Fluid????????

    Hey everybody.....well when I bought my Balt it had 52k on the odo but now im right at 60k and .........I want to change my tranny fluid but from what ive read you have to but in a special fluid that meets chevys specs..........can you guys shed some light on this and could this b done by myself...
  9. Auto or 5 speed?

    What do you have?