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  1. Jury-rig Exhaust Support?

    Problems and Service
    (2007 LS auto) The middle pipe (aka 'resonator') [1] on this car has two support points. Both consist of a barbed rod welded to the chassis with a rubber 'insulator' hanging from it. Another rod welded to the pipe plugs into the 'insulator'. In my case, both rods have broken off the pipes...
  2. Motor/Transmission Mounts for 2.2 Manual

    Problems and Service
    Hey, all. I have a 2006 Cobalt LS, 2.2l w/ a manual transmission. I have gotten different quotes from different shops, and also can not for the life of me find the mounts I need on the internet. I believe there are 4 mounts, 2 motor and 2 transmission. I'm probably wrong. Can anyone tell me the...