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night shade

  1. should i nightshade?

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    i've seen a lot of people on here with nightshade *gCobalt05 mainly* and to be honest i thought it was ugly as hell at first. but now, i really like it. and i have a silver LT. but idk if it'd look good or not. anybody on here have a ultra silver metallic with night shades? i need help deciding.
  2. Nightshaded Tails- Red cobalt

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    :bigsmile: Nightshaded my tails last night. Came out well. They are a lot darker than they look in these pictures. I would like to make them glossier. I put about 3 coats of clear coat on last night after putting a bunch of coats of Night Shades on. Do I need to put more coats of Clear Coat on...