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  1. 2008 Cobalt Ss/tc Not Running Right

    Problems and Service
    2008 Chevy cobalt ss turbo sounds like it has a lope tune at idle, it drives but has absolutely no power, it doesn’t build boost, and it seems to have a rev limiter at 4K. When I hit 4K the person behind me said it started to smoke and said they could smell gas. Also the ABS, TPMS, and Traction...
  2. 2010 Cobalt Ss/tc Boost Problem

    Problems and Service
    My 2010 cobalt sstc is having problems. i switched from the trifecta 91 tune to the trifecta E47 tune. my car is kinda sluggish, it wont let me build any boost after i drive down the highway for about 5 minutes, but boosts fine in town. i was throwing a MAf performance code so i replaced the maf...